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✧ Marina Rey ✧ ENG/SPA ✧
Concept Artist, Illustrator, 2D ARTIST

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  • Check my previous pieces to see if you want a certain style or aesthetic I've done before.

  • Visual reference must be provided by the client (previous character art, sketches, photos, mock-ups, etc), if not, the character desing work will be payed separately.

  • Prices stated may vary depending on complexity. Elements such as ornate clothing or armor, wings and such are considered extras.

  • Any secondary assets, like animals, backgrounds, weapons, etc, will add over the starting price.

  • All commissions include a simple color background, the client can specify any preferences over this.

  • Don't hesitate to ask me any questions about any of this information.

Terms of service

  • I will draw: non-sexual nudity, mild gore and body horror.

  • I won't draw: explicit nsfw, furries, violence, real people (like celebrities) and mechas.

  • I keep the right to reject any commission.

  • Do NOT mint/sell the art for NFT.

  • Payment will be in euros (€) via Paypal invoice.

  • Full payment will be made in advance except in those commissions over 200€, having the option to pay 50% upfront and the rest before sending the finished piece.

  • I won't start working until some payment has been done.

  • There will be no refunds unless the commission hasn't been started yet.

  • All changes must be done in the sketch phase; any drastic modifications done past it will result in a raise over the final price of the commission.

  • The waiting time for a commission to be done can go from a week to a month. If you want priority on your piece it will raise the price.

  • Unless stated by the client, I can post the commissions on my portfolio and social media. (I will credit you)

  • Should the client post the piece, please credit me.

  • This commissions are only for personal use only, unless stated otherwise. I'm open to discuss commercial and freelance work.

  • No refunds past the sketch phase.

  • I don't accept any kind of cryptocurrency as valid payment.


BASE price: 175 EUR


base: 250 eur


base: 300 eur


starting price: 400 eur (contact for more info)

Commission for: @milesjdailey


starting price: 500 eur (contact for more info)

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